Our job is to turn your ideas into reality

As a mobile app consultancy and full stack development bureau we have been practicing continuous innovation for our clients for more than two decades. We focus on helping them turning their brilliant ideas into solid and successful projects in a collaborative atmosphere and personal relationship.

Just think of us as an externalized software development department that you can hire as you need it.

Our services


  • mobile app consulting
  • project coaching
  • coordination
  • system analysis


  • iOS
  • Android
  • WatchOS
  • tvOS

Full stack

  • backend development
  • webservices
  • web frontends
  • custom solutions

Quality assurance

  • testing
  • analysis
  • test panels
  • benchmarking

Tell us about your ideas

Give us a short description of your idea or project you would like to consult us about. We'd love to get back to you with a draft of a development plan and an offer for a team setup to get your project started in just two weeks from now!

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What we do

We focus on helping our clients turn their brilliant ideas into solid and successful projects. We work out conceptual and technical solutions with them and provide the technical infrastructure and resources to turn them into reality.

We provide our services to professionals like communications and marketing agencies, but also directly to customers in a variety of industries.

Our clients are situated across the entire spectrum of online activity, from e-commerce, electronics, automotive, travel, food, fashion to toys.

We are comfortable working on multi-year, multi-country projects or one-shot event-based missions, although our clients tend to become partners whose projects we follow over several years.

How we work

Our deliberately small core team is working in a close personal relationship with only a small number of clients at a time. We create a collaborative atmosphere with our customers and provide them with contiuous information and feedback as we work our way together towards a common goal.

Modern organisation patterns and agile development techniques allow us to provide you with the necessary development ressources on demand for your project, or to create a bespoke team of experienced professionals, tailored to your needs.

Our team members can either blend in with your existing organisation and technical infrastructure or handle the entire process autonomously end-to-end.

About us

Doris-Muriel Finckh

Doris-Muriel FinckhConsultant and Project Coordinator

Founding partner of h2 networx more than two decades ago, Doris-Muriel takes care of conceptual design and coordination.

Known as "the problem solver", she is passionate about turning ideas into projects and designs specifications with a love for detail that borders the obsessionate. Relentlessly checking project requirements and development plans she makes sure all contributing parties deliver their bit and your project stays on time.

She is the friendly face of the company and enjoys handling the communication with our clients.

Rainer Härtlein

Rainer HärtleinConsultant and Lead Developer

Passionate about software development since an early age, Rainer acts as technical lead of h2 networx.

He is responsible for defining the global architecture that responds to your project requirements and integrates with your existing systems. He designs the technical solutions that compose your project and managemes the development teams creating them.

After collecting experience as an entrepreneur running his own business in Paris, France and creating a successful tourism related side project, Rainer has joined h2 networx as the second Partner in 2011.


  • Doris-Muriel Finckh, Geschäftsführung Doris-Muriel Finckh consulting, project coordination
  • Rainer Härtlein, Geschäftsführung Rainer Härtlein consulting, technical lead
  • Cristina Herfort, QA Cristina Herfort quality assurance
  • Ronan Schwarz, Developer Ronan Schwarz developer
  • Roman De Meo, Developer Roman De Meo developer



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